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Foreclosure Short Sale Letter

Español - Foreclosure Short Sale letter

Dear Property Owner:

Foreclosure is not the only option. The JFA Realty Company has helped many families negotiate with their lenders and accomplish a short sale instead.

Learn how a difficult situation can easily be turned into a profitable one.  Don’t lose your credit, or worse, lose available bank incentives by waiting until the last minute.

Many Lenders have given the green light to approve short sales.   

Five reasons to consider a short sale:

1.      Bank Incentives of up to $35,000 depending on your lender.

2.      Up to $3,000 in relocation costs with the HAFA program.

3.      There are no out of pocket expenses and the Bank pays my fees.

4.      Eliminate your Debt & avoid a deficiency judgment after the final foreclosure. 

5.      Avoid a permanent foreclosure and help save your credit.

Could you benefit from the advise of a professional?  As proud active members of NAR, the National Association of Realtors, JFA Realty Company Agents understand the market with the pros and cons of each option.   We can work in conjunction with your attorney if you’ve hired one.

When it comes to short sales . . . experience counts.

A short sale may be a better option for you if you are Upside Down on your mortgage and having a hard time making your payments. We are specialists at what we do and can help you find solutions like we have done for many satisfied homeowners.


Jose F. Lopez, CRB, CRS

Florida Licensed Broker



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